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This input interface provides two methods to search for known nonsynonymous coding variations, especially cancer-related variations. Protein or Gene IDs can be used in the "Query by protein/gene", while tumor types can be used in the "Query by cancer sample". The output interface provides information on gene ID, gene symbol, description, genome localization, Gene Ontology, publication, sample type and protein domain which the mutation fall in, etc.

Query by protein/gene:   

 *The available protein/gene ID types:

  • Ensembl
  • IPI
  • NCBI's RefSeq
  • UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
  • Gene name and aliases
  • Entrez Gene
  •  *search choice:  only cancer-related variants

    Query by cancer sample:

     (keyword search, such as 'lung', 'liver'):

    CanProVar is currently developed and maintained by Dexter Duncan and Bing Zhang at the Zhang Lab . The project was initiated by Jing Li and Bing Zhang in 2009.
    Funding credits: National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Cancer Institute (R01 CA126218); NIH/National Institute of General Medical Sciences (GM088822).

    ©2009 Jing Li, Bing Zhang